Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready for the Weekend

Not going to lie - this week was a doozy. It was just one of those that I felt like my head wasn't properly screwed on to my shoulders... I kept making silly mistakes and getting frustrated with myself. This weekend will be full of birthday cheer for one of my best friends (and lovely roommate), Kendall. During the downtime, I might need to escape and take a good long soak in a tub like this one. Just recharge my battery and rest up. Nothing like a clean slate on Monday! I look forward to starting over - sans silly mistakes.
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One thing to keep in mind - if Monday falls flat, there is always Tuesday. A good friend recently explained to me why Tuesday is in fact the best day of the week. It is a day without the high work expectations from your boss (like a Monday), it's before the mid-week slump on Wednesday, and there isn't pressure to plan fun activities like Friday or Saturday. I like the philosophy - Tuesday is the day that doesn't get enough love. You can do whatever you'd like on Tuesday and it will be a special day. Personally, I've always been a Saturday girl, but I like to think that Tuesdays have something good in store now as well... and if nothing happens on a Tuesday, then hey, it's just Tuesday.

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