Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The apartment hunt

I must have the hypothetical new apartment on the brain - I can't get enough of the interior decorating websites lately as I scour through room by room to get inspiration for the impending move at the end of the summer into the depths of Beverly Hills. Currently in Santa Monica, I love the slow-paced beach atmosphere and neighborhood vibe, but I think it is time to experience something that is more true to Los Angeles in terms of hustle and bustle.

You're only in your early twenties once, might as well live it up!

I like the soft color palette here with thoughtful touches throughout the space

Fresh flowers take any room to the next level of charm!

This clean palette with dark accents is a more dramatic room than I anticipated. It seems like it would be the perfect getaway bedroom to read and reflect

French doors give so much character - and I love the colors

Yikes - I am the first to admit that I am NOT a fan of pink. Really. Not at all. But the structured accents in this room make this salmony pink pop in a way that doesn't scream "Frilly!!"

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