Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apartment Medley

All of the dreamy bedrooms made me start to think of my ideal living space as a whole... As you can tell, it is nearing the end of the work day and my mind is wandering to cozy homes and plush couches....

As bright as this living room is (and a bit hectic), it just makes me smile

I am thankful to have moved on from the grueling study hours of college, but I think I would be happy to be sitting at a desk at home if it looked as quaint as this one!

Maybe I would learn to cook with a great kitchen? Or at least have a nice glass of wine sitting at the table while observing someone else do it...

I love how fresh flowers make any room feel festive and joyful. It makes it feel like a special occasion, which is why I love to buy them randomly mid-week for a nice pick-me-up!

This is my favorite. I want to move in NOW.

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