Thursday, April 8, 2010

I want a tattoo. In a major way.

But my parents (father especially) would kill me!!!

I don't think tattoos really carry the same connotation they used to - to me they aren't that big of a deal. Some days I just want to stroll into a tattoo parlor and just do it already, but then the thought of something so permanent keeps me at bay.

The current tattoo I am considering is "Multum in Parvo". I love the sound of Latin and the idea of finding "much in little". An important motto to live by.

"Multum in Parvo"
Now what font?!

Some others I am toying with...

Crede quod habes, et habes - Believe that you have it, and you do
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I'll either find a way or make one
Qui audet adipiscitur - S/he who dares wins
Dum vivimus, vivamus - While we live, let us live
Pactum serva- Keep the faith
Memento Vivere - a reminder of life (literally remember that you have to live)

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