Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bosworth faves

I know, I know. Let's all just swoon over Kate Bosworth a little more. To be honest - I don't always love her looks... but recently I have been dying over her choices on the red carpet. Here are 2 [very different] favorites:

dress: D&G
Although this dress is from Spring 2011 RTW, it has such an incredibly vintage feel. I haven't seen something like this at an event... ever. At least that I can remember. After all of the pink and green at the Golden Globes (beautiful, but really? They all must have conspired to wear the same hues) this look is just fresh.

dress: Chloe
Agh, this dress is awesome. AND it's backless. Double agh. I can't remember where I saw the picture of the back or I'd include it as well... but you'll just have to use your imagination. Or detective skills.

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