Monday, November 1, 2010

Hopeful + Strong

Sometimes when things seem to be overwhelming...insurmountable.. too much to handle.. It's important to just remember you can only take things one step at a time. You must strive to find the silver lining in everything. Here are a few images that seem to help keep me going when times are tough:

I like to imagine myself living in this refurbished old apartment looking out at these worn apartment buildings. It's always been a dream to venture off to NYC and just see if I can be an East-Coaster even though I identify with the West Coast to my core... I think it would be a fun adventure. Making elaborate plans and dreams is always fun :)

Even when things are bad or hard - there is always so much good that gets lost in the midst of it all. Hold onto the good, and keep faith that things will get better.

Each day is a new day. Although I am usually a very happy-go-lucky person, right now there are some things happening in my world that are shaking my resolve. I just keep faith that tomorrow will be better than today and each day we get stronger.

Images via Weheartit

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