Friday, June 4, 2010


{via} and {via} and {via}

WANDERLUST. Taking over. Consuming me.
These images are making me feel better/making me freak out all at the same time.

You know when you feel so content one day doing what you're doing, then the next something happens that makes you question everything? I think I have a sickness, but it happens a bit too often in my world.

I have such a strong desire to drop everything and do something crazy for absolutely no reason but to do something spontaneous and absurd. The desire comes and goes in swells, usually strongest after I have a slow week at work leaving me anxious and eager for adventure, weakest when I am making time for adventure in my day-to-day life and busy at work (those 2 are hard to balance, but that's the point).

Blargh. That was just a blog vent. To no one. But I suppose now it's out there.
I feel a bit better.

And I just noticed the order that I threw these pictures on here is exactly how my mind is working from start to finish. Beauty in the little things, I suppose.

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