Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking Up


Being in a new city is more difficult than anyone warned. It is a spontaneous adventure, yes. It is also at times an isolating experience. While Los Angeles has taught me countless new things about myself in terms of perspective, personal strengths, and personality traits (I am far more shy than I ever thought!), I have struggled to plant roots in this foreign city.

This week has been a worrisome one for me - I am a worry wart by nature and when I get things in my head I can't let go of them and I worry myself out of sleep, out of my routines... It's not the best trait to have, but I am learning how to better deal with it.

This week has also carried some exciting news that makes me look forward to my future in California. Volunteering is part of who I am as a person. It is in my nature and I don't feel like I am being true to myself unless I am giving back and involved in the community. I made some major strides to try to make that happen this week and was put in contact with some volunteer coordinators at different organizations that I would love to work with. This opportunity should help put many of my worries to rest.

This is a positive step in the right direction. I am making Los Angeles my own. Our group of friends is slowly but surely expanding, our comfort boundaries are widening, and I am feeling much more optimistic about the year to come. The images above reflect how I feel right now - you can CHOOSE to see your world in drab, dull colors when you're feeling down, or you can CHOOSE to see the world in bright, bold colors and seize each moment.
I plan to do the latter.

Things are lookin' up :)

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